2nd Semester Assignments
Jan. 3-5
-Writing Workshop: Textbook pgs. 620-628
Weather Days: 1/5

Jan. 8-12
-Unit 3 Assessment: Textbook pgs. 630-635 
-"The Autobiography of Mark Twain": Textbook pgs. 658-672
Weather Days: 1/8-9

Jan. 15-19
Hoilday: MLK Day - January 15
-"The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County": Textbook pgs. 683-693
Weather Days: 1/17-18

Jan. 22-26
-"The Law of Life": Textbook pgs. 768-779
-"The Story of an Hour": Textbook pgs. 782-789
-"Joyas Voladoras": Textbook pgs. 790-794

Jan. 29-Feb. 2
-"The Yellow Wallpaper": Textbook pgs. 798-817
-Research Paper Assignment (See Notes Tab)
: Topic and Topic Proposal 
-Unit 4 
Assessment: Textbook pgs. 846-857

Feb. 5-9
-Harlem Renaissance Note Taker: u5_harlem_modernism_note sheet.doc
-Research Paper Assignment: Collecting Sources (Minimum of 7 sources)

Feb. 12-16
-Harlem Renaissance Portfolio The Harlem Renaissance Assignment.docx
Assignment 1-3
-Research Paper Assignment: Collecting Sources (Minimum of 7 sources)

Feb. 20-March 15
-Complete Research Paper Rough Drafts

March 19-30
-Read Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God
-Answer Study Guide Questions Their Eyes Were Watching God - SGQs.docx
-Reading Simulation: March 23

April 2-6: Spring Break

April 9-13
-Their Eyes Were Watching God Review
-Their Eyes Were Watching God Test: Next Week

April 16-20
-Their Eyes Were Watching God Test: April 17
-Reading SOL Review

April 23: Reading SOL

April 23-May 4: SOL Testing

May 7-11
-Comparing texts: Textbook Pgs. 1178-1192
-"Mother Tongue": Textbook Pgs. 1262-1270
-from "In Search of Our Mother's Gardens": Textbook Pgs. 1278-1285