Classwork & Homework 1st Semester

Week 1 (Aug. 20-23)
-HW Grade: Return Syllabus Sheets
-Getting to Know You Activities
-What Is Effective Reading DQ
-"What Makes an Effective Reader?"
        (Textbook Pgs. 8-12 and Activities on pgs. 9-10, 11-12)

Week 2 (Aug. 26-30)
-Laptop Checkout
-Baseline testing: AP Multiple Choice, Q1, Q2, & Q3 Essay Baseline
-Literary Terms Pretest
-Comparative Literary Criticism Assignment (See Independent Reading Project Tab)

Week 3 (Sept. 2-5)
Holiday: September 2nd
-Hamlet Act I Quiz (9/4-9/5)
-Literary Terms Pretest
-Textbook pgs 12-17 (Online textbook) 
"Approaching Literature" to the end of the activity on pgs. 16-17
-Hamlet Act One Reflection Question (See assignment details in Synergy)

Week 4 (Sept. 6-13)
-Hamlet (Act One) Reflection Question
-AP Literature Exam Breakdown
-ACT One Breakdown
-GEAR UP Meetings
-AP MC Practice
-Literary Analysis Practice A Dialogue between the Soul and the Body.docx
-Hamlet Act II Quiz (9/12-9/13)
-Go Over AP MC Baseline

Week 5 (Sept. 16-20)
Interims Go Home on Friday, September 20th 
-AP MC Test Analysis (In groups)
-Act II Reflection Questions (See Assignment in Synergy)
-Hamlet Act III Quiz (9/18-9/19)
-TP-CAST & DIDLS with Assignment 
-AP MC Practice
-Poetry Analysis Practice